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Café Love

One of the joys of my job is that I am often drawn into a client’s whole interior design requirements. Generally speaking, people don’t just change one aspect of their rooms when looking at our fabulous range of shutters; they are often redesigning the whole space.

We constantly hear promises from our political masters about the need, or desire, for new houses to be built across our green and pleasant land, however, the majority of city dwelling Britons live in Victorian or Edwardian terraces.  These can be seen in any medium to large town and any city in the Kingdom. Built so quickly, and so well, during the industrial revolution, they were, in essence, the Wimpy Homes of the era.

There is no doubt that they are excellent and desirable buildings. Many people aspire to live in a house like these in the better parts of town.  Mind you, prices vary dramatically for essentially identical houses.  In Newcastle, a mid-terrace Victorian property will set you back £250k, while in Chelsea in Central London, you could easily find yourself paying in excess of £4m for one.

The British seem to love them and in many cases would choose a period terraced property over a newly built property.  Having been inside so many, I do see why. Although styles have changed dramatically over the past 2 decades that I have been in this business, the fundamentals of these fabulous properties just lend themselves to creativity. However, before you dash off and buy one, there are down sides about them.

Even if you are paying millions of pounds for one, they are still terraced houses, which open directly onto a street. People walk by the whole time which can be both un-nerving and a security risk.  If you are in a mid-terrace, they can be a bit dark, so shutting your curtains is not the best option!  Thankfully the heavy drapes with deep pelmets, swags and tails are a thing of the past as they narrowed the amount of light entering into an already small aperture.  So the best solution is Café Shutters.  Café shutters allow the full light into the room from the top half of the window but shield the lower sections. When the louvres are open but tilted, they provide privacy and still let in the light. Solid shutters are also a great alternative as they block out the light when closed and allow full light to flood into the room when they are open. You can view the full range by following the link:

Actually, due to how louvres work, you can still see out, so if you want to know who is walking down the street, you will be able to see them, without them seeing you unless the peer closely through the glass.

open shuttersclosed shutters

Personally, my favourite solution for a Victorian or Edwardian Terrace is the Tier-on-Tier solution, which offers light when you need it, and privacy when you crave it.

If you live in a Victorian or Edwardian Terraced property, talk to one of our advisers today about the outstanding quality of our bespoke fitted range of shutters.


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