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Changing your House’s Name

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I have been helping a friend, Claire, find a new home recently. The process has been very frustrating causing much ranting and wailing about the whole sorry experience. Did you know that some agents work on a quota system? They actually have targets where each agent must drum up X number of viewers per property per week or per month. The viewers are not even vetted for suitability.  Personally, if I were selling, I’d rather tidy my house up for 6 viewers who are genuinely interested, can afford my property and are in a position to buy it rather than 25 people who could never afford it in a month of Sundays and wouldn’t buy it because it does not meet their needs!

Then there are the pictures they use in the brochures, websites and property portals.  They give you a totally unrealistic view of the house due to excessively wide angled lens shots.  The pinpoints on their maps being so inaccurate that the lovely property is not at the end of a nice road you thought you were viewing is actually  slap bang in the middle, next to a biker’s pub and opposite a graveyard.  Estate Agents use every trick in the book to get punters through the door.  I have since become an expert on house hunting and I now always do a “drive by” before I even pick up the phone to an agent, who will only show us homes at very inconvenient times of the day.

However, there is good news. My friend has found the ideal home for them, and their offer has been accepted.  The only down side is that the house has an utterly ridiculous name.  It is called something like “Tia Kawaki” which is going to be pretty difficult to pronounce at the best of times, let alone when you have had a glass or two.  Added to which you will be forever having to explain it and disclaim responsibility.  As a result of the odd name, my friend’s believe that they got away with offering a bit less than they would if the house had had a “normal name” due to the fact that they were going to have to invest time and energy into changing it.

In fact, changing the name of your house is pretty straight forward.

The Rules:

1. Of course you have to be the legal house owner. If you are a tenant, or you are purchasing the property and the contracts have not yet exchanged, we cannot proceed with your request.

2. You cannot change a number (apart from adding a letter for an extra dwelling) or swap a number for a name, but you can use a name in addition to a number.

3. You cannot use a name which has already been taken locally, or is misleading. If you are going to call a house “The Priory” and it was never a priory, then your request will be denied. If you want to call your house “The Pines” and there is a house in the street called “Tall Pines” you might have your application rejected.

The Process:

– Apply to your local council (who might charge an administration fee.) The council will consult with Royal Mail to ensure there is no conflict. Once approved the council will provide a certificate of renaming and inform the Royal Mail, Land Registry, Electoral Registration, Council Tax and Planning Department.

– Although the council should have done this, the Royal Mail is a vast organisation, so it is also worth emailing them to be sure that your details have been updated. Also, do talk to your postmen, they are usually rather nice people.

– In the prefect world, all this sort of thing would be electronically joined up by the press of one button in cyber space, alas it’s not. So you will need to inform your utility companies, Mortgage Company, and emergency services including Doctor.

– During the changeover process, it might be worth showing both names for some months, eg “Merry Meadow (formerly known as Tia Kawaki)”.

Point to remember:

The emergency services are frequently delayed by the lack of visible house numbers and names so I would write to the local ambulance and fire services and make sure your signs can be clearly read from the road.

Of course, there is an added bonus. Just think of all those mail order lists and junk mail databases which will not have your details on them anymore! You could even put a big recycling box next to your letter box for “redirecting misaddressed mail”.

Pink Cottage

So there you have it. Changing your house name is pretty easy, it has a number of benefits and although it can take a lot of paperwork, it is well worth the effort – unless you are going to call is something daft.  Having researched all this for Claire, I’m thinking of calling my house “The Shutters” what do you think?


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