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Five bathroom window solutions

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One of the most common dilemmas that home owners face when it comes to their bathrooms is how to let in as much light as they can whilst still maintaining their privacy. This is an age old problem but fortunately, there are a few simple solutions out there.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass has always been popular in bathrooms because it gives you the privacy you need whilst still admitting light. As nobody can see in through the glass it means that you don’t have to worry about a window dressing.

Pros: Gives you the privacy you need without compromising on light.

Cons: A lot of people feel uncomfortable and exposed with frosted glass so it’s not for everyone.

Waterproof shutters

Waterproof shutters make fantastic window dressings in bathrooms because they offer the best of both worlds. You get complete privacy as well as an abundance of light coming into your bathroom. Simply tilt the shutters upwards and nobody will be able to see into your bathroom but light will be able to get in. Alternatively, you can also completely close the bottom shutters and leave the top ones open to let the maximum of light possible into the room. Because these shutters are 100% waterproof it means that you don’t have to worry about them warping after being exposed to excessive humidity and dampness.

Pros: Shutters look incredibly classy and stylish and you can gain maximum light without compromising on your privacy.

Cons: They can be more expensive than other types of window dressings but bear in mind that shutters are very desirable to house hunters.


If the room allows it, you could install a skylight in your bathroom. Because it’s on the roof of your house it means that even with clear class and no window dressing, nobody will be able to see in.

Pros: You will be able to get the maximum amount of light possible coming into your bathroom.

Cons: You will need to ask a professional to install your skylight so it can be quite costly. Similarly to frosted glass, not everybody feels comfortable being exposed with a skylight.

Use artificial lighting

If you don’t have any windows in your bathroom and it’s not practical to install one, ensure you have plenty of artificial lighting in the room to keep it bright. Keeps walls and the floor light, neutral colours as well as this will also help to lighten up the room. There are lots of stylish lighting solutions available today including ceiling lights, mirror lights and even LED lights which you can install on the floor.

shutters in bathroom


Using blinds as a window dressing can be a cheap and cheerful temporary privacy solution. When you’re not in there you can leave the blind up and when you need to shower or go to the loo, it’s incredibly simple to just put the blind down.

Pros: Blinds are fairly inexpensive and are very easy to use.

Cons: It can be annoying opening and closing the blinds every time you walk in or out of the room and when you have them down you may need to turn the light on even if it’s daytime.


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