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Kitchen Storage

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I love my job! Not many people can say that but I genuinely do. Ok, there are some customers who would find fault with the crown jewels but luckily, the vast majority of people who ask Purely Shutters to come out and provide an estimate for Plantation Shutters are at an exciting point in their lives. They maybe renovating a room or even a whole house and generally they are upbeat, positive and excited.

With kitchens, our estimating team here at Purely Window Shutters are normally asked to come in just after the kitchen has been installed as our clients invariably want their shutters to match their kitchen exactly. Sometimes I do wonder if the people who design kitchens have ever boiled an egg in one or indeed look closely at the extra bits and pieces they supply. Tacky plastic vegetable basket holders look so out of place in a kitchen which no doubt cost a few thousand pounds!

The other day I saw, what was on the surface of it, a stunning newly built house.  The new owners had not moved into it yet and they had invited me in to measure up.  When I arrived in the kitchen the lady of the house looked a little crest fallen.  She explained that she was down-sizing and had no idea how all of her kitchen items were going to fit in.  She was thinking about shelves and all sorts of ideas.

As we sat down, I showed her a picture of an Ikea unit another client had just bought for £200.  It is a simple, elegant kitchen butcher’s block which doubles up as a work bench and fits a couple of stools too. The lady was ecstatic.  It was as if I had answered all her prayers at once. Here is what I showed her.

modern kitchen
(Source: STENSTORP Kitchen island, white, oak top)

Of course there are a number of other companies which make kitchen islands and butcher’s blocks. and we saw some lovely ones on the Wickes website but this one just happened to suit the lady’s gorgeously styled brand new kitchen.

Storage has always been an issue, but even more so now in today’s modern homes as they tend to be more open plan. It is lovely to let in the light, but remember that it also means that you have less wall space for cupboards or shelves.  Finding innovative storage solutions which are practical but do not look out of place is a skill. Most storage units are designed to be placed against a wall. Therefore you need to look for solutions which are double sided and therefore designed to be looked at from both sides.

Bedrooms have also become more compact in modern homes. However since the new legislation, bedrooms in houses of multiple occupation have to be a minimum of 6.5 sq m (70 sq ft) and landlords letting rooms smaller than this would now be guilty of a criminal offence. So we can expect a lot of rooms to be 3m x 2.20m in the future!

Yet my favourite room in the house will always be the kitchen as it is, or should be, the beating heart of any home. There is no need for tacky plastic vegetable baskets to solve your storage issues – take a bit of time and energy and find something elegant for your kitchen storage solutions.  You will be surprise at how affordable it can be.


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