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Let in the Light!

bed with lights

Oh what a drab time of year it is, but also my favourite! Yes, getting up in the mornings with just the tiniest chink of light creeping over the horizon can be gloomy. Yes, the trees are bare and the weather is, well, typically British, which is to say you can never be sure if you will freeze, get soaked or wish you were wearing shorts by lunchtime! Yet I love this time of year as it heralds new beginnings.

Soon we will see the snowdrops pushing their way through the ground, mind you I have some rather confused Daffodils in my garden already. Spring is on the way, which in my books means that I can look at each room in the house with fresh eyes, rearrange furniture, chuck out or store what is of no use of aesthetic benefit and see how I can make my home zing with joy for the New Year ahead.

One of the things I love about having shutters, rather than curtain, is that it costs very little to completely change my colour scheme. The cost of some cushion covers and a few pots of paint, rather than spending many hundreds of pounds on curtain fabrics.  It is very easy to paint wooden shutters to suit your mood or tend.  Why not click on this link and use our handy tool to see how your shutters would look painted in Dulux or Fired Earth paints.

Last year everyone went for pale greys, chocolate and duck egg blues, a trend which looks to continue this year too. They are both very elegant and sophisticated colours.  Alongside this, we will see the arrival of more earthy colours, with a more dynamic contrast, with mustards and sage greens and fawn colours dominating, we even see the return of “brown furniture” although with a modern angular twist of course.

Another feature of 2016 is today’s consumer culture for being green and creating less waste – a New Year’s resolution we should all try and stick to. When it comes to your home, think about what you can salvage or up-cycle before you resign things to the scrap heap. Sometimes all you need is a little imagination and a coat or two of paint for something to be given a whole new lease of life. If you really can’t make it work, make sure you donate any usable items to friends or neighbours who could use it, or list it on Freecycle or Gumtree.

white shutters

If, like me, you are thinking of having a room makeover, I would strongly recommend that you take a look at our range of solid or plantation shutters. They will cost you a lot less than you might think, as well have a whole host of environmental and health benefits.

Another benefit, especially at this time of year is that they let in the limited amount of daylight we get without compromising privacy.  Added to which, you can watch your plasma TVs on a cold, damp, rainy Sunday, without having to close the curtains too.

Right, must get back to my colour charts – this time around I am looking at revamping my lounge. I will keep you posted on my progress.


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