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How to pet-proof your home

cat on a chair

With a whopping 46% of all households in the UK owning a pet, its official, we’re a nation of animal lovers.

Our furry friends provide us with an endless supply of love and affection, they’re always ready for a cuddle when we’re feeling down in the dumps and they’ve even been proven to be good for our health.

Whilst most of us wouldn’t hear a bad word about our beloved pet, we have to admit that they’re not always conducive to a clean and tidy home. If this sounds like a familiar story, here are some great tips to help pet-proof your home and keep it looking great.

Put anything tempting out of reach

Animals are curious creatures, especially when they’re left on their own all day. If you have anything valuable or edible (flowers, a sweet bowl, the chicken you’re defrosting for dinner), make sure it’s well out of reach. Also try to make sure it’s out of sight because cats can be particularly determined and they’re not going to let an expensive vase get in the way of what they want.

Protect your furniture

There are a number of things you can do to protect your furniture from being scratched or ending up covered in pet hair. No matter how many scratching posts you buy, unfortunately cats always seem to favour the carpet, curtains and sofas. A training spray is a great way to overcome this because the smell will more than likely have them running the other way. These sprays are also great if you have a puppy who prefers to go to the toilet on the carpet instead of outside.

Leather sofas are the most practical option for pet owners because hair doesn’t stick to them and they’re very easy to wipe clean. If you do have a fabric sofa, you can lay a stylish blanket over it and teach your pet to only lay on the section of the sofa that has the blanket on it.

Install shutters

Curtains can be a nightmare if you own a pet. The bottom of them is likely to be covered in fur at all times and naughty cats love nothing more than climbing up them. Solid Shutters are a great solution to this problem because you don’t have to worry about hair gathering on them and the bad news for your cat is that they’re impossible to climb.

Remove anything hazardous

Preparing your house for a pet really isn’t too dissimilar to preparing for a child because both manage to find a way of getting into everything. Things to be aware of include:

dogs on the sofa
  • There are a number of plants that are poisonous to cats and toxic to dogs so make sure you don’t have any of these in your house (particularly if you have a cat because they can jump up high). Also make sure that you check your garden for any poisonous plants and flowers. For more advice visit the Pets at Home
  • Please be careful what you feed your pet. Many people think they’re being nice by giving their animal a human treat but you could in fact poison them. Cats should not be fed onion, chocolate, coffee, grapes, raw meat and believe it or not, dairy products. Many of the same foods are poisonous to dogs as well as avocado, macadamia nuts, corn on the cob and bones. The RSPCA also offers advice and help if you are unsure.
  • Humans have the luxury of being able to read the labels on bottles so we know what’s fit for consumption and what isn’t. Animals can’t read so ensure that cleaning products are always locked away. If you have a naughty pet who has mastered the art of opening cupboards, it’s well worth child-proofing them so they can’t get in there.


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