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The Post-Divorce Bedroom Makeover Challenge!

Recently, one of my best friends gave me a challenge, not any ordinary challenge, a terrifying one!  One year ago she got divorced, 6 months later her ex-husband got remarried and last month she suddenly decided that she needed a “totally new bedroom!”

It does not sound that scary but in all honesty it was. She’d been married for 14 years but had moved into said ex’s flat two years prior to that, furniture and all. Over the years they had moved twice as their family grew, but there never seemed to be enough money left to revamp the bedroom as flat screen TVs and recliner sofas to watch the football seemed to take precedence.  When he left, he left everything except the TV!

So in a fit of pique, over a glass of Pinot Grigio, she threw down the gauntlet! Everything had to go!  She trusted my judgement but had no idea what she wanted other than to say she wanted it to be a “grown up princess room” with a “claret Victorian feel” possibly a 4 poster bed, or maybe a “French style”. I think the second glass of wine slipped down very quickly.

As my fragile friend seemed to be feeling feisty, I didn’t want to rock the boat, zapping all that positive energy, so I said “yes” with a secret knot in my stomach.  The problem was not with my ability to create beautiful living spaces for people, it was that my dear friend had gone from a confident, decisive lady into one whose ability to choose anything from clothes to meals had been so rocked that she was the equivalent of decision making jelly.   It was as if she had lost herself completely in the past year. She no longer knew wanted she want to do, what films she liked, what made her laugh or what was important to her.  Her divorce didn’t just detach her from her husband, it seemed to remove the essence of her soul. What was worse, was that I knew that the whole “bedroom makeover plan” was her first step back to the woman she was, but a new and independent version.

Another glass or two later (it was a long night), we had googled about 40 different “ideas” web sites and thousands of bedroom images.  Looked at everything from Elle Decoration to the Good House Keeping decorating tips, to see if I could hone down the look she was after. We selected 4 different looks. Which, given the amount of wine and Pringles we had managed to get through that evening, I suggested she sleep on it (not literally) before she made a decision.

Her new bedroom will be based around the ideas in the pictures below. Feminine, French Victoriana. No 4 poster bed I hasten to add, and not so girlie that her new retreat looks as though it had been created for an overgrown 6 year old, or Katie Price!

bedroom layout 1      bedroom layout 2

We have ordered shutters for her room too, of course, but choosing from the 7 standard shades of white-cream was too much for her, so we waited until all the furniture and soft furnishings arrived.  She wanted to make sure that they blended perfectly with the rest of the room.  At least the shutters are up in her en-suite! A job very well done and one that we are both very proud of!


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30 September 2018

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