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A Weekend Craft Project the Kids Will Love

The school year may be back in session, but weekends still provide ideal opportunities to spend quality time with your children. So, nurture their creativity and promote family bonding by engaging in a craft project together.

This simple, hands-on and kid-friendly activity allows everyone to get involved — the little ones will have a blast painting, while Mum and Dad tag-team on the hardware portion. In the end, you’ll have a collaborative masterpiece the whole family can be proud of.

To get started, find some old shutters you wouldn’t mind repurposing (if you don’t have any taking up space in the garage, they’re often available at yard sales, flea markets or antique shops). Then, gather up the following supplies, and you’re ready for a DIY-filled weekend!

DIY Shutter Bookshelf

red shutter for books
Image credit: All Kinds of Things Blog

What You’ll Need:

  • louvered wooden shutter panel
  • multi-surface acrylic paint primer
  • acrylic paint (in your choice of color)
  • paint scraper (or liquid paint stripper)
  • angled sash paint brush
  • splat-mat (or newspapers)
  • drill & 5/16-inch drill bit
  • 5/16-inch drywall inserts
  • ¼ x 2 ½-inch drywall inserts
  • ¼ x 2 ½-inch expansion anchors
  • hammer & nailset
  • ruler or tape measure

Time to Make It:

1. Spread a splat-mat or newspapers over your workspace to prevent paint spills from damaging the area.

2. Remove any existing paint from the shutter panel by using either a scraper or brushing on a coat of liquid paint stripper (if you choose the second option, allow 30-40 minutes to dry, then scrape off excess paint stripper).

3. Rub sandpaper across the shutter’s surface in order to make sure the paint will evenly adhere, then remove any grit left behind with a dry cloth.

4. Apply a thin layer of paint primer and allow about 30 minutes to dry (or until primer is no longer tacky to the touch).

5. Apply 2 coats of paint, making sure to get between each louvered slat for an even finish (allow at least 30 minutes of dry-time between each coat, then set the finished product out to air dry until paint is completely smooth).

6. Measure 1-inch diagonally from each corner of the shutter toward its center, then pencil mark those points. Make sure to hang the shutter low enough little ones can reach their books!

7. Insert a 5/16-inch bit into the drill and drive a hole through each mark as indicated on the shutter’s surface.

8. Measure the area of your wall where you intend to hang the shutter, then hold it securely up against that spot.

9. Place the tip of a nailset through each drilled hole and tap its blunt end with a hammer to make divots in the drywall.

10. Use a 5/16-inch bit to drill into each divot, then place the 5/16-inch drywall inserts inside the holes until they lay precisely flush.

11. Place ¼ x 2 ½-inch expansion anchors (with washers) in the shutter’s holes and hang it on the wall again, making sure the ends of each anchor fit into the drywall inserts.

12. Drill the anchors into each hole so the shutter will stay rooted to its spot, then slide your kids’ favourite books (spine facing out) between each louvered slat.

shutter bookshelf

This “bookshelf” makes a delightful addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom as a crafty, one-of-a-kind way to instill a love for reading.


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